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Enlightened democracy is a vision based on the view that mankind needs guidance and direction to move in order to achieve social and political order which can be the foundation of peace. It is a guideline that sees the world as moving forward to higher and higher stages of evolution, where every human being has the responsibility to participate. It views the world existing at this moment of history as a ground where diverse stages of social evolution live together – some societies are still in a primitive stage bound to hunger and basic needs, while a few has progressed to fulfill greater aspirations of human freedom as creative beings searching meaning and greater possibilities of self-realization.

Enlightened democracy professes that human beings are endowed with the power to realize themselves in ways that may fulfill the meaning and purpose of our existence. Humanity has the possibility to evolve in directions that we can steer ourselves once we are equipped with knowledge of nature, and dynamics of history and understanding about the power of our consciousness. We may guide this development that can bring harmony and peace in the world instead of generating chaos that may arise once we conceive the evolution of society resulting from interaction in a random way. It is a progressive path: First, to free man from hunger and needs, then from ignorance, prejudices and superstitions derived from culture and belief which binds man to a particular tradition and culture. It seeks to empower man with understanding and vision, with which one may appreciate the values and ideas which can be accepted by all
people and cultures of the world. Thus man may free oneself from the narrow views inherited from the culture where one is born. It is a way to march forward by disentangling oneself from views and practices in which one lives and instead identify oneself as part of the whole of humanity sharing same values and visions.

Enlightened democracy prescribe the values and visions that can be accepted by human beings of all nations, cultures and races once they are equipped with knowledge and information about the nature of the world, the dynamics of the social and political cultures and the inner nature of themselves as creatures possessing higher power of consciousness. It can pave meaningful paths of freedom leading to higher and higher ways. It is a path which needs to be trodden by using the power of knowledge and visions of the unity of all living beings with the
cosmos, permeated by a meaning that one needs to explore. It is an exploration and journey towards higher heights of the mind towards freedom that may liberate us from bondages that the mechanical world imposes on our existence.

In this journey we will find many of our fellow human beings still struggling to free themselves from the basic needs. Enlightened way is a way to act to bring changes in the world that will create conditions of freedom for them. Beyond pursuing the path of knowledge, the enlightened democracy teaches man to be compassionate about the suffering world. Success of enlightened democracy hinges on the prerogative that societies produce teachers and guides who will transmit knowledge and vision and inform people about the direction and goal one should pursue. With it, one needs to promote the growth of an enlightened Civil Society i.e. The community of these teachers, trainers and guides, who will be the backbone of
security and peace in the world.

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Enlightened Democracy